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The following 225 + employee policies and procedures topics and templates are included in ClearSite Complete™ and are organized topically into categories that make sense for most organizations.

How to find a ClearSite Complete™ topic and its description:

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Business and Regulatory Conduct Human Resources
Your Business and Industry Company Directory
Accounting and Payroll Computers and Our Networks
Office Services Facilities, Safety, and Security
Manager Resources


Business and Regulatory Conduct

Business Conduct

Email Use Guidelines for email use within the Company, including email privacy and etiquette.
Internet Use Guidelines for appropriate and inappropriate Internet use within the Company, specific policies on Internet use, and requirement for signed statements from every employee regarding Internet use.  Includes references to blogging.
Social Media Use Policy Provides clarity around the personal and business use of social media within the organization
Alcohol Consumption at Company Events Document establishing a protocol for the responsible consumption of alcohol at Company events
Attendance Provides the Company perspective regarding being on time for work.
Charitable Donations Document describing the Company's philosophy regarding charitable contributions, supported charitable organizations, and go-to person for requests for donations.
Code of Conduct Company expectations regarding the code of conduct of individuals associated with the Company.  Includes summary of actions considered improper conduct.
Computer and Network Use Guidelines for use of Company computers and network.  Includes examples of unethical or inappropriate use.
Confidential Information - Classification and Handling Company procedures relating to the handling of confidential information, including definitions and examples for each data classification category.
Conflict of Interest Company policy regarding conflict of interest and examples of situations that must be disclosed to a Company official.
Conflict Resolution and Communication Company philosophy and procedures for resolving conflict between individuals.
Dating Co-workers Company policy and guidelines regarding relationships that have progressed beyond a platonic friendship
Dress Code Company guidelines for appropriate dress at work, including examples of inappropriate attire.
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Company policy regarding the use or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol at work.  Also describes Company practices for assisting individual's whose work is affected by substance abuse.
Effective Email Communications Guidelines and templates for how to maximize email communication.
External Company Communications Describes the authorization process for speaking in a public forum on behalf of or as a representative of the Company.
Gifts and Gratuities Company policy regarding the receipt of gifts or gratuities from customers or suppliers.
Gifts and Lunches for Employees Company guidelines on the subject of gifts, special events and gatherings in honor of Company individuals. Examples include weddings, birth of a child, leaving the Company.
Intellectual Property Company policy regarding intellectual property, including definitions of intellectual property and consequences of improper use.
Legal Inquiries or Actions Guidelines on what to do if confronted with a legal inquiry or action in the course of Company business.
Non-Disclosure Agreement - Between Companies Binding non-disclosure agreement to be used when the Company and another organization do not have a contract in place and need to engage in conversations that may include divulging mutual sensitive or confidential information.
Non-Disclosure Agreement - Visitors Binding non-disclosure agreement to be used when the Company and an outside individual (such as an interviewed candidate) when there may be a requirement to discuss sensitive or confidential information.
Off-Duty Conduct Includes examples of unacceptable conduct while individuals are off-duty. Includes references to Chat rooms, instant messaging, and blogging
Outside Employment or Appointments Guidelines regarding individuals accepting employment or appointments outside the Company.
Personal Activities during Working Hours Company guidelines clarifying appropriate levels of personal activities during working hours
Privacy of Personal Information Position of the Company regarding the internal use of personal information provided by individuals to the Company.  Also describes the Company policy on providing this information to individuals or institutions external to the Company.
Solicitation on Company Premises Policy regarding employee or external solicitation
Use of Portable Electronic Devices Guidelines for use of portable electronic devices including cell phones, wireless email devices, camera phones, and digital recorders
Weekly Status Reports Describes the Company practice of using weekly status updates to keep each other informed on project status, progress and obstacles.
Workplace Violence Policy regarding violence in the workplace.  Includes list of actions the Company interprets as violence and items the Company considers to be weapons.

Regulatory Conduct

AODA - Acessibility for Customer Service Policy (for Ontario) policy template for creating guidelines for persons with disability accessibility to customer service in Ontario
Equal Employment Opportunity Describes the Company's position on equal employment opportunity for all individuals and provides examples of where this policy is applied.
Harassment Company policy regarding discrimination and harassment. Includes examples of inappropriate conduct, legal definitions, and the Company process for reporting and investigating offences.
Insider Trading Company policy and practices for publicly traded companies regarding insider trading.
Privacy Laws and Legislation Overview of Ontario's privacy laws and legislation and how they impact managers and employees.
Workplace Privacy Company policy statement regarding an individual's expectation to privacy while on Company premises or when using Company property.

Human Resources

Absences, Leaves, Closures

Bereavement  Leave Company policy regarding time off in the event of a death or significant misfortune in an individual's family.
Company Paid Holidays List of Company-paid holidays and dates for the current calendar year.
Compassionate Care Leave Company policy regarding time off in the event of a death or significant misfortune in an individual's family.
Emergency Leave (Ontario Module) Describes the Company policy on providing unpaid time off in order to meet responsibilities regarding the care, health or education of immediate family members.
Incidental Sick Time and Personal Time Company policy regarding time off for illness or personal reasons.
Jury Duty Describes the Company practice regarding time off for jury duty payment of wages during that leave.
Maternity Adoption Parental Leave Company policies regarding time off, vacation and medical benefits during Maternity or Parental leave.
Personal Leave of Absence Describes the Company policy for requesting and granting a personal leave of absence.
Return to Work after Serious Illness or Injury Defines documentation required by Human Resources before an individual is permitted to return to work after a serious illness, surgery or injury.
Short Term Disability Overview of the Company wage protection plan for employees who become unable to work due to short term or long term disability.
Time Off to Vote Company policy regarding time off to vote.
Unscheduled Office Closures Describes when unscheduled office closures may occur (example, power failure or inclement weather, how individuals are notified, how pay or vacation time is affected, and how to report the time off.
Vacation Outlines Company vacation entitlements and calculations.

Compensation & Benefits

Example General Incentive Plan An example general incentive plan outline that can be used for all employees.
Employee Assistance Program Describes the purpose and benefits of the Employee Assistance Program.  Also describes the services offered, how to access them, and issues of confidentiality.
Health Care Expense Claim Form Describes the procedure for claiming reimbursement of health care expenses and links to the online form.
Job Descriptions Describes the use of job descriptions within the Company and provides a list of required elements.
Paid Parking and Cell phone benefits Company policy on who gets paid parking spaces and cell phones and why.
RRSP Deductions and Company Matching Description of the Company's retirement savings plan.
RRSP Enrolment and Change Form Links to an online RRSP Enrolment and Change Form.
Summary of Benefits and Company Information List of all company benefits and core information, along with health care benefits provided by the Company.  Includes a table showing waiting period for each benefit and which benefits are paid by the Company vs. the individual.  Good overview or handout when interviewing candidates
Wellness Benefits Describes the Company's monetary match towards wellness-related programs

Hiring & Orientation

Candidate Referral Program Describes the Company's candidate referral program, including eligibility requirements.
Current Open Positions Provides a link to the Company's current open positions.
Hiring Relatives Company position statement on hiring relatives of current employees.
Internal and External Job Postings Describes the Company guidelines for posting job openings internally and externally.
Probation Period Describes the Company policy on the probation period for all new hires.
Rehiring Former Employees Describes the Company policy and procedures for rehiring former employees.

Hours of Work

Telecommuting Detailed policy providing agreement example, check list and guidelines regarding a work arrangement in which some or all of an employee's work is performed at another work site such as the home or in office space near home.
Lunch and Breaks Company guidelines on the length, entitlement and scheduling of lunches and breaks.
Our Working Hours Provides information on official office hours, core hours, and the Company policy regarding flextime.
Overtime Company policy regarding approval of and payment for overtime hours worked.
Shift Premiums Company practice regarding the payment of premiums to individuals working non-standard shifts.

People Relations

Discipline and Termination of Employment Policy emphasizing the prerogative of the Company to apply discipline, modify its performance improvement process or terminate employment based on the principles described in the document
Exit Interviews Overview of the purpose and intent of exit interviews for departing individuals.
Problems, Concerns, or Suggestions in the Workplace Recommended practices for raising concerns or suggestions within the Company.
Promotions or Transfers Describes eligibility requirements for individuals seeking promotion or transfer within the company.
Resignation Overview of the resignation process for individuals who voluntarily decide to leave the Company.
Unionization Policy statement on unionization activity within the Company.

Performance Management

Performance Improvement Plan Overview of the process the Company follows when an individual's performance is not meeting expectations.
Performance Review Form (abbreviated version) Less Comprehensive and detailed Performance review form to be completed online by individuals and managers.
Performance Review Form (full length version) Comprehensive and detailed Performance review form to be completed online by individuals and managers.
Performance Review Process Overview of the Company performance review process and detailed instructions on how to complete the performance review form.
Providing and Receiving Feedback Guidelines for everyone on how to provide and receive meaningful, useful feedback, whether positive or constructive.

Training, Education & Memberships

Desktop Training Describes the program for training individuals on the use of desktop applications required in order to do their jobs.
Educational Assistance Describes the Company education assistance program, including eligibility requirements and reimbursement procedures.
Professional Memberships Describes the Company policy on supporting individual professional memberships.  Includes eligibility requirements and expense reimbursement procedures.
Training and Development Overview of the ways in which the Company encourages and supports continuous skills improvement of employees.
Trip/ Conference or Training Report A form used for completing by employees after travel to attend a conference, meeting or training.
Tuition and Membership Reimbursement Form Form to be used when requesting reimbursement for tuition, schooling expenses or membership fees.

Your Business and Industry

Company Manual Introductory Documents

Classification of Individuals Lists and defines the different types of relationships between the Company and individuals for the purposes of (including) payroll and benefits administration and the application of Company Manual guidelines.
Company Manual Receipt and Acknowledgement Form Used as an acknowledgement that individuals have read and understood the Company Core Policies.
Core Company Policies Document outlining mandatory policies and information to be read and understood by all new hires.
Template - Company Manual Launch announcement Template: may be used by Senior Management to assist in composing the Company Manual launch email to employees.
Template - Company Manual Welcome and Introduction page Template: may be used for welcome introduction by member of the Senior Management Team.

Company Templates

Associations and Subscriptions Reference list of associations to which the Company belongs, key industry resources, and magazines or newsletters to which the Company subscribes.
Our Brand Description of the value attached to the Company brand.
Our Business Priorities Articulates the Company's business objectives and priorities for the current year.
Our Company Historical Milestones Timeline of key events in the Company's history.
Our Company History Brief overview of the Company history.
Our Competitors Lists, and provides information and diffentiators of our competitors
Our Definition of Business Success Definition of how the Company defines business success and list of key success factors.
Our Elevator Pitch Succinct description of Company products, services and value proposition.
Our Management Team Document providing a link to introductions of the Company management team.
Our Projects Link to descriptions of current projects underway within the Company.
Our Service Philosophy Articulates the Company's fundamental principles of service.
Our Vision and Mission Document describing the vision and mission of the Company.

Culture Templates

"Treat Days" Describes the Company practice of Treat Days when employees take turns bringing in edible treats for the staff.
All Hands Meetings Describes the Company practice of Company meetings when everyone in the company gets together to get caught up on Company communication
Annual Recognition Award Nomination Form Form to be used when nominating individuals for recognition awards.
Annual Recognition Awards List of awards given throughout the year to recognize achievement in the areas honored.  Nomination process is also explained.
Giving back to the Community Document describing how the Company gives back to the community.
Lunch and Learns Describes the Company practice of in-house "courses" where lunch is served and employees have an opportunity to learn about a topic of interest to the business - presented by either a Company individual or an external subject matter expert.
Our Culture and Core Values Description of Company core values and practices that we aspire to in the daily practice of business.
Service Recognition Awards Description of the Company's recognition program for long term service.
Social Events Overview of social events organized by the Company.  Includes brief introduction to each member of the Social Events Team.

Company Directory

Company Directory

Company and Telephone Directory Company and telephone directory kept on company server showing name, contact information, and individual profiles
Directory - Department Administrative Assistants Table showing the administrative assistants within the Company, their individual software application expertise, and which departments each supports.
Individual Profile Form Form to be completed by all individuals.  Includes all contact information, job related information, and additional optional information.  The Company and Telephone Directory links to these completed profiles to provide co-workers with information about ourselves, and our responsibilities.
Office Map Provides a link to an online version of the office map.
Organizational Chart Document providing a link to the Company organization chart(s).

Accounting and Payroll

Expenses, Fiscal Responsibility

Travel Authorization and Cash Advance Request Form Online or printable form for travel and cash advance requests and authorization.
Travel Expenses Policies and guidelines regarding reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses when traveling on Company business.
Accounts Payable and Expense Approval Summary table of forms, documents and approval levels required for disbursement of funds from accounts payable.
Air Travel Guidelines Policies and procedures regarding air travel for Company business purposes, including travel approvals, booking air travel, stopovers and travel award programs.
Capital Expenditure Authorization Form Form to be used to request and seek approval for capital expenditures.
Capital Expenditure Justification Form Form to be used to provide written justification for capital expenditure request.
Check Request Form Form to be used to request a Company-issued check.
Department Codes List of billing codes and budget managers for each department.
Expense Report Form Online or printable Expense Report Form.
Expense Reporting Overview of the expense reimbursement process and information required in order to properly complete expense reports.
Fiscal Responsibility Describes the Company's philosophy about fiscal responsibility.
Miscellaneous Expenses Procedures for the reimbursement of miscellaneous expenses incurred on behalf of Company business.
Personal Vehicle Use Policies and guidelines regarding the use of personal vehicles for Company business.  Includes examples of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses.
Purchase Order Requisition Form Form to be used to request a purchase order number.
Purchasing-Terms and Conditions Reference list of Company terms and conditions when purchasing goods on behalf of the Company without a purchase order .

Payroll and Time Off Reporting

Absence Approval Form Form to be used to request approval for a planned absence.
Employee Information Form Form used to obtain information for Payroll & Benefits purposes
Garnishments Company policy regarding garnishment of wages
Payroll and Pay day Overview of Company payroll procedures.
Time Off Reporting Describes why and how the Company tracks absences from work.
Time Sheet Procedures Company procedure regarding the use of time sheets.
Weekly Time Sheet Form Form to be used to submit weekly timesheets.

Computers and Our Networks

Computers and Our Networks

Back-ups and Offsite Storage Describes Company backup procedures.
Computer Equipment Upgrade Cycles A policy statement that answers the common question often directed to the IT department: " When can I upgrade my computer?"
Computer Technical Support Procedure for how to contact IT for technical support and list of technical support services provided.
Information Technology Security High-level overview of Company IT security practices.  Detailed documents also available on many of the topics covered in this document.
Logon ID and Passwords Company policy regarding use of individual logon ID and passwords, including guidelines on how to create passwords, change access to servers, and what to do when you're unable to access the system.
Our Printers Provides location, features and share names of networked printers within the Company.  Also includes instructions on how to install printer drivers for Company printers.
Remote Access to Our Network Procedure for setting up remote access to the Company network.
Software Support Listing of software supported by IT and description of support provided.
Virus Protection Procedures related to Company use of anti-virus software.

Office Services

External Services

Catering Contact information and ordering tips for local catering companies.
Dry Cleaning Service Information on pick up and delivery service provided by local dry cleaners.
Taxi Cabs Contact information for local cab companies.


Guidelines for Conducting a Brainstorming Session Tips for how to run a successful brainstorming session.
Guidelines for running Efficient, Effective Meetings Detailed steps on how to plan, prepare for and facilitate effective, efficient meetings.
Meeting Planner Form Form for planning and executing effective, efficient meetings.  Includes sections for meeting details, preparation, agenda and minutes.
Meeting Room Equipment and Use Reference chart showing the name and location of each Company meeting room, including the equipment available and booking restrictions/priorities (if any) for each room.
Scheduling Internal Meetings and Booking Meeting Rooms Using our Company calendaring application for scheduling meetings, as well as our list of meeting rooms available, procedures for how to book, and guidelines for meeting room etiquette.

Office Communication Templates

Correspondence and Presentation Templates Provides links to our official Company presentation, letter, fax and memo templates.
Our Logos and Branding Guidelines Provides guidelines for use of the official Company logos, colors, and fonts.
Template - Email Signature Template for standard email signature to be used by everyone in the Company.  Also includes instructions on how to add an automatic signature to Outlook.
Template - Email Signature Confidentiality Waiver Template for confidentiality waiver to attach to the bottom of sensitive or confidential email correspondence.
Template - Fax Template for Company fax correspondence.
Template - Letter Template for Company letter correspondence.
Template - Memo Template for Company memo correspondence.

Office Equipment and Phones

Conference Call Procedures Instructions on how to place conference calls and links to online user guide for conference call equipment.
Long Distance Calls Guidelines on when to make long distance calls, using department billing codes and Company calling cards.
Our Office Equipment Provides a list of office equipment resources and links to documents on each item.
Taking Company Property off premises Guidelines outlined in this document must be followed by individuals when taking Company Property off-premises.
Taking Company Property off premises - Approval Form Approval form to be completed when individuals take Company Property off-premises.
Telephone System and Voice Mail Company policy regarding telephone and voice mail use.  Includes voice mail greeting examples and links to online user guides for telephone and voice mail systems.

Other Office Procedures

Business Cards Describe the process for ordering and approving business cards.
Swag General policy regarding the ordering and distribution of Company promotional merchandise.
Bulletin Boards Guidelines and procedures for posting information on Company bulletin boards.
Business Card Order Form Form to be used to submit and approve business card orders.
Centralized Filing System Describes the types of information stored in the company-wide filing system and how to find what you need.
Fax Procedures Information on how incoming and outgoing faxes are processed within the Company.
Mail and Couriers Information on how incoming and outgoing mail and packages are processed within the Company.
Office Supplies Instructions on how to obtain or order office supplies for Company business use.  Includes list of regularly stocked supplies.
Our Lunchroom List of Company-provided lunchroom facilities and supplies and summary of lunchroom etiquette.
Our Office Space Company guidelines on what is considered acceptable and unacceptable when personalizing individual and common work areas.

Facilities, Safety, and Security


For Women Only Information on how the Company provides for some of the specific needs of women at work. Includes guidelines for nursing mothers.
Office Temperature Control Describes who to contact if office temperature controls need to be adjusted either during or outside regular office hours.
Our Office Lights Information on when building lights are turned on/off, what to do if you're the first one in or last one out of the office.
Parking Information and Safety Provides information on parking options within the vicinity of the Company premises.  Also provides a suggested list of parking lot safety precautions.
Shower Facilities Description of Company-provided shower facilities, including location, supplies provided, hours and how to access them.
Smoking Areas List of designated smoking areas.


Health and Safety General description of practices and tips for safety in the workplace.  
Emergency Contacts List of phone numbers to contact in event of an emergency at work.
First Aid Describes what to do when first aid is required, as well as the contents and location of the Company first aid kit.


ID Badges Company policy regarding the requirement and use of ID badges.
KeyCards and Premises Access & Lock Up Describes how to enter and exit the company premises, key card requirements, building and reception hours and what to do if you don't have your key card.
Visitors Policy regarding visitors on the Company premises, including identification, escort and network access  guidelines.

Manager Resources


Compensation and Salaries (Manager Resource) Overview of the elements that comprise the Company's complete compensation package.
Job Description Form Form to be used by Human Resources or managers to prepare a job description and have it approved.
Template - Salary Review Letter Template that can be used to advise individuals of annual salary increases.

Hiring & Orientation

Approval to Hire (Manager Resource) Describes the process for gaining approval to hire new people.  Also provides list of key questions to answer before starting the recruitment process.
Candidate Profile Rating Form Form for use by Human Resources and managers to rate and compare the strengths of job candidates.  Designed to be used in conjunction with the Interview Questionnaire and Interview Summary.
Contacting Candidates for Interviews (Manager Resource) Guidelines for your first contact with a potential candidate.
Employment Application Form Form used to collect information from an applicant
Interview Questionnaire Form Form for online or written use when interviewing candidates.  Requires customization for each position
Interview Summary Form Form enabling hiring manager to rate the competency of each final candidate in the areas of knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job.
Interviewing Guidelines and Techniques (Manager Resource) Guidelines for conducting effective, behavior-based interview.  Includes an introduction to behavioral-based interviewing and tips on listening and asking questions.  Also includes an interview preparation checklist and suggested agenda.
New Hire Approval Form (Manager Resource) Form used by Human Resources and managers to request  and obtain approval to hire.
New Hire Orientation (Manager Resource) Overview of Company orientation practices and description of tools available to assist the hiring manager.
New Hire Orientation Checklist Checklist for Human Resources, IT, Hiring Managers and Office Services listing tasks to be done before the new hire starts and on their first day.
Providing and Checking References (Manager Resource) Guidelines for Human Resources and managers on checking references of job candidates and providing references for former employees.  Overview is also provided on legal implications of providing references.
Recruiting and Hiring Process (Manager Resource) Comprehensive guide for Human Resources and managers describing the Company process for hiring new people.
Reference Check Form Form to be completed online or in written form when checking references of a job candidate.  Requires customization for each position.
Relocation (Manager Resource) Overview of the Company relocation assistance program for new hires or individuals who have been approved for transfer.
Template - Announcing New Employee Template that can be used to send a company-wide email announcing a new employee.
Template - Confirmation Receipt of Resume Letter or email template that can be used to confirm receipt of resumes initially received by any individual in the Company.
Template - Job Posting Ad Example - Non-Senior Position Template for a job posting to be used to advertise a non-senior position opening.
Template - Job Posting Ad Example - Senior Position Template for a job posting that could be used to advertise a senior position opening.
Template - Post-Interview Candidate "no thank-you" letter Template for "no thank you" letters/emails to applicants who have been interviewed but are no longer being considered for the position for which they applied.
Training Assessment Form Form that can be used by managers to assess the competency and possible training needs of an individual in the skills and abilities required by the job.
Training Reimbursement Agreement A template contract agreement that describes the minimum anticipated period of time that the individual will remain with the Company before a portion of the training costs are recovered by the Company.

Other Manager Resources

Budgeting Process Guidelines (Manager Resource) Guidelines for managers outlining the Company's annual budgeting process
Exit Interview Form Form to be used by Human Resources or managers when conducting an exit interview.  May be completed online or in written form.
Exiting Individuals Checklist Checklist for Human Resources, IT, Managers and Office Services listing tasks to be done when an individual leaves the company.
Documenting Procedures Form Form to be used by managers for documenting individual staff members' job specific responsibilities, tasks and procedures.

Performance Management

Involuntary Termination (Manager Resource) Guidelines for managers on the process of involuntary termination of an employee.
Performance Improvement (Manager Resource) Guideline for managers on implementing the Company's two-step process for performance improvement when the performance of an individual does not meet required standards.
Performance Reviews (Manager Resource) Guideline for managers on the purpose of performance reviews and effective implementation of the performance review process.
Recognizing your People (Manager Resource) Guidelines for managers on the importance of recognizing individual and team effort.  Includes an overview of two motivation theories, description of Company's formal recognition program, and ideas for how to informally recognize effort.
Setting Performance Objectives (Manager Resource) Overview for managers on the purpose and value of setting performance objectives and guidelines for how to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely (SMART) performance objectives with employees.
Template - Announcing Employee leaving the Company Template that can be used to send a company-wide email when an employee leaves the Company.

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